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How to add vintage items to your modern home

How to add vintage items to your modern home

When it comes to vintage you either love it or hate it. However, many people who live in modern homes, find it hard to add a vintage item(s) to it, as they believe it will not fit in with their current decoration. 

Today I will show all vintage lovers, how you, can incorporate a vintage splash into your modern home, so that it blends in perfectly.


  1. First thing you should try out is to mix and match vintage and modern items together, for example a vintage table with modern chairs, or vice versa.

 2. Another adaptation similar to this that you can try, is mixing the chairs, either dining or sofa chairs. Put some antique chairs together with some modern ones, for a very unique style. Check out our chairs, (like this bottom right Thonet) maybe you will find one to add to your collection, or we may even inspire you to start one!


3.  Another very simple, but impressive trick, is the vintage mirrors. They are very easily added to any space, giving it the wow factor, as antique mirrors can add a lot of character to your home, without clashing with your modern design.

4. Some of you may have got your eye on, or inherited an antique piece, but don't know how to add it to your home.  What I would suggest is, keep everything else minimal and let your antique be the center  of attention, especially if it is an eccentric, or bright colored piece, because lets face it most vintage items are quite impressive. Keeping everything else low key, will allow your item to blend in and at the same time stand out, you don’t really want anything else stealing its thunder.

We have lots of statement pieces online, like this bright yellow Kandya chair, just click on the link and pick the one that you love.


5) Vintage glass pieces, such as vases or  decorative bowls and ashtrays, or even a lemonade set could add a splash of retro to your home (especially if it is colored glass), without it taking over completely.   Don't forget you can shop our vintage glassware collection here                                                  

 Riihimaki glass vase, designed by Aimo Okkolin in 1960s, in a rare aqua colour, from our glassware collection. (Bottom left) 



Even if you are not a huge fun of vintage, you can always add one or two pieces and I assure it will add extra style to your home!